Assembly Program

3rd-8th Grade 

45 minutes in length

Hyperactive Atoms
Everything is made of atoms, and every atom is jiggling to and fro. In fact, temperature is just a measure of how fast atoms are moving, and pressure is simply a measure of how many atoms are bumping into us as they jiggle this way and that.
Dry ice (-109 °F) and liquid nitrogen (-320 °F) will be used in dazzling experiments to reveal the relationship between hyperactive atoms and temperature, while a vacuum pump & vacuum chamber will reveal the incredible power with which atoms bump into us at every turn.

*If a monitor or screen is provided with a VGA port, an infrared camera will also be used to reveal the invisible “light” (i.e. electromagnetic radiation) emitted by the shaking atoms in our bodies.
*All of the demos and experiments in this presentation will be tied together by the thread of jiggling atoms.

Cost for Assembly Programs

  • Payment is due 3 business days prior to your program via check or credit card. 
  • $180 per Program ($70 per each additional presentation; same program, same day, and same location.)
  • Any school that is further than 25 miles from the Riverfront Museum will pay for the extra miles.

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