Programs Stop Motion Animation

March of the Brick | Ages 9-13


Date: Aug 10

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Programs Stop Motion Animation

March of the Brick

Sat, Aug 10 | 12:30-1:30 pm

IL River Classroom

Get inspired by our “The Art of the Brick | The World's Most Elaborate Display of LEGO® Art Exhibition” and join us for a class using bricks to create stop motion animation. Students will spend the day creating a short stop motion animation, and then editing their animations. By the end of the day the class the students will have a completed stop motion animation that they will be able to show off to all their friends. Please provide a parent/guardian email for this class so that we may email the student's completed animation.

Ages 9-13

$15 members | $20 public

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Tickets & more info also available at the Museum or by phone: 309.686.7000.