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St. Gerard's "Voices of Light" Event

Sat, April 22

6:30 p.m. Reception with Silent Auction & Henna Tattoo Artist

7:00 p.m. Concert with Peoria Intl Choir & soloists, led by Musical Director Masako Johnson


Tickets: $30 each. Purchase online - click here.

Tickets may also be purchased by calling 210-585-7347. For more information visit:


“Voices of Light” Concert & Benefit

The Saint Gerard Foundation of Peoria presents “VOICES OF LIGHT,” April 22, 7 p.m. at Peoria Riverfront Museum’s Giant Screen Theater. The “Voices of Light” performance will feature the Peoria International Choir and soloists, led by Musical Director Masako Johnson, and will be accompanied by a special show of video and imagery on the giant screen.

A reception before the performance will be held in the museum lobby at 6.30 p.m., and will include a silent auction and an artist creating hennas tattoos.

The fundraising event is led by the Saint Gerard Foundation, headed by Peoria residents Julie and Matthew Dadosky, which supports schools and a medical center in the poverty stricken town of Eluru in the region of Andhra Pradesh in South East India. The event is intended to raise funds for the area, providing tools for agriculture, education and a new medical center. Contributions will farther the education of the children by building new classrooms for the preschool and a Medical Center for the campus.

India, in particular the village of Eluru, is the focus of the performance, as its residents need more than what the Indian government can contribute. To help the residents, St. Mary’s St. Christopher boarding school and center, dedicated to primary education, was built in 2004 by Father Dominic Chukka. To date the center houses 100 in-board residents, with 800 more being bussed to school from a 10-mile radius. Each family contributes as much as it can toward room and board. Father Chukka, based in England, will attend the “Voices of Light” event, along with event producer Jesus Perea, of Mexico.

It hoped that the Voices of Light Charity Event will raise the funds needs to support the school and center, and begin work on the new medical center in Eluru.

The St. Gerard Foundation

The St. Gerard Foundation was founded in 2011 by Peorians Julie and Matthew Dadosky to transform the lives of children affected by poverty, homelessness, and human trafficking in Southern India. The majority of work is done in collaboration with Saint Mary’s and Saint Christopher’s School in Eluru, India. The Foundation is currently building a medical center that will provide medicine and healthcare necessities to the entire community.


Tickets (donations): $30 per person; for tickets - click here.

Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling 210-585-7347. 

For more information visit: - click here.