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About the Every Student Initiative

The Every Student Initiative (ESI) is an ambitious new program to bring every student in Central Illinois to the Peoria Riverfront Museum every year. With hands-on learning through objects, a Giant Screen Theater, Dome Planetarium, and rotating exhibits, the Peoria Riverfront Museum is a great place for students to learn in a new environment. ESI supports the museum’s mission to encourage life-long learning in students of all ages while connecting them to their community at large.

The Every Student Initiative is privately funded, allowing donors to help their communities by sponsoring field trips to the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Did you know? The Museum works in partnership with Peoria Public Schools (District 150) to match each grade’s curriculum with corresponding topics and educational materials so that students can go from the classroom to a hands-on learning experience at the museum!

Support for the Every Student Initiative

ESI allows donors to participate in their communities in a unique way: to sponsor a field trip is to encourage life-long learning in a community of educators and students of all ages.

To help the Museum begin this program, the Barton Family Foundation, longtime supporter of the Peoria education community, made a substantial contribution that allows the museum to bring every Peoria Public Schools student - Kindergarten through 8th grade - to Peoria Riverfront Museum every year. Through this partnership, the Peoria Public School District and the Peoria Riverfront Museum focuses on matching each grade’s curriculum with the Museum’s educational materials. 

Support/Donation Contacts

If you are interested in joining in connecting students to the Peoria Riverfront Museum by becoming a donor or are a school wanting to plan a field trip, please contact Holly Johnson, the Every Student Initiative/Group Tours Coordinator by email at hjohnson@peoriariverfrontmuseum.org or by phone at 309.863.3013. 

To support the Every School Initiative with a donation - click here. Contact Anne Marie Miller at ammiller@peoriariverfrontmuseum.org or 309.863.3026.

Thank you to our Supporters!

Paul & Jill Appell
Dan & Lynn Banister
Maureen Beck & Ian Radtke
James & Marianne Benson
Michael & Margaret Bentley
Dana Bischoff
Jonas & Kristen Covey
Chris & Mary Lou Couri
Denis & Jeanie Cyr
James & Susan Davis
Anna & Johan Dahlin
Connie Disney
Peter Donis
Jeremy & Michelle Dose
Tom & Deborah Dougherty
Mary A. Edwards
Mike & Ginny Everett
Farnsworth Group, Inc.
Timothy & Erin Felty
Joan French
Angela Fritch-Milton and Joseph Milton
William & Marjean Gabelhausen
Daniel & Marjorie Getz
Homer & Barb Gurtler
Keith & Lori Hanson
Jerome Hardesty
Joanne Haupt
Mary Howard
Anthony & Amy Jones
John and Diane Jordan
Don Frederick & Nan Reid
Dr. Herbert Kasube
Mike & Vickie Kerker
Hon. Ray LaHood & Mrs. Kathy LaHood
Tim & Myra Larkin
William & Barbara Mahannah
Chris & Ronda Mathewson
Hon. Joe Billy McDade & Mrs. Carolyn McDade
Kristen McKinsey & Bennett Johnson
Dr. Rick and Mrs. Cheryl Miller
John & Cindy Morris
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Sue Mroz
Trudy Muller
Donald & Mary Niemi
Tom & Geralene O’Neil
Gary Owens & Aiping Chen
Bob & Lisa Pfol
Gerry & Dixie Pini
Mark & Cris Potthoff
Ann Ragsdale
Dale & Judy Ryan
Sheldon & Mary Ann Schafer
Dolores Sheen
Andy & Gina Stow
Harriett Swager
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Bradley Shumaker & Patricia Valle
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