Bringing Up Baby

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Fri, Jun 25 | 6:30 PM

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Join us for our new weekly film series in the Giant Screen Theater, "Marc Eliot’s Art of Film," with The New York Times Best-Selling Author! Peoria Riverfront Museum is pleased to announce the residency of film critic and historian Marc Eliot, who is the author of more than two dozen books on pop culture and biographies on Hollywood icons. Marc has personally selected each of the films in the "Art of Film" series and provides virtual commentary for each film before and after the film's screening at the museum.

Bringing Up Baby,  1938. Director: Howard Hawks. 

Hawks' comic classic is the film that made Cary Grant a superstar and restored Katharine Hepburn’s badly damaged career. Bringing Up Baby gives us Hawks’ version of screwball comedy, with non-stop action and continual lunacy throughout, overlaid with the most improbable love story. I chose this film to go along with the museum’s current T-Rex exhibition. Hopefully, Riverside’s will last longer than Cary Grant’s. Also watch for the scene-stealing tiger that appears in the midst of the already crazy plot-line. Grant and Hepburn at their best, with each reflecting the other’s always onscreen cool, detached, yet romantic demeanor. A must-see.

-Marc Eliot