Wildlife + Nature Photography Contest

Exhibit Mangelsen Photo Contest Wb Smokies

The Peoria Riverfront Museum was honored to host a photography contest accompanying our exhibition, Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild. We invited the public to show us their wild side by submitting their best photographs of wildlife, natural landscapes, and skyscapes, judged by our very own curators with the chance to exhibit in the museum. 

The winners of the contest, along with a selection of honorable mentions are shown along with a screen in the space, which shows every photograph submitted to the contest to celebrate the artwork, time, and talent of all participants. A special thank you to everyone that entered the contest for sharing their art and experiences.

Grand Champion

Diana Hasler, "Leaves on Ice"

1st Place

Raymond Keithley, "Half Dome from Glacier Point"

2nd Place

Erica Sher, "Cuba cu"

3rd Place

Jill Bartelt, "Cedar Wax Wing"

Honorable Mentions

Gloria Kroodsma, "Fledgling Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) in Bush"

Nancy Havera, "Male Indigo Bunting"

James (B.J.) Kyle, "Loon"

Craig Kummerow, "Mystical Dance"