Museum Green Tours

 Riverfront Reflections Winter13

Take a self-guided Green Tour (look for the logo, above!) to learn about the features of our building and our practices that make us an environmentally sustainable museum. Throughout Riverfront Museum, the Green Tour logo identifies elements of the building and our operations that are part of our sustainability mission. 

The Riverfront Museum is LEED Gold-NC certified (LEED = Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). 

Use the Green Tour map to explore the sustainable aspects of the Museum (the Green Tour logo will mark the locations and features of the tour). To view//download the Green Tour map, click here.

Schools may request information and conduct self-tours through the Museum.

Eco-friendly Highlights

  • More than 90% of the materials from the former Sears building were recycled and used for I-74 reconstruction
  • Local construction resources & labor reduced the need for travel/shipping fuel use, and added to our local economy
  • Everything from the site selection to the lighting & carpet was chosen with an eye for preserving resources
  • Flooring made from recycled materials
  • Design makes use of natural light as much as possible
  • Photovoltaic (solar) panels on the roof are capable of providing as much as 3% of the building’s power
  • Charging stations for electric cars are available in the Museum's parking garage
  • Our bioswale - a waterfall into an area of gravel and native plantings (see below)  - handles rain water runoff responsibly & beautifully!

Riverfront Museum Bioswale

Bioswale 2