Dome Pub Night Wb

Pub Night Under the Stars | Osiris Rex, Lucy, Psyche and more - Exploring Asteroids!


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Dome Pub Night Wb

Osiris Rex, Lucy, Psyche and more - Exploring Asteroids!

Friday, September 15
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

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Enjoy an evening of yummy food, beer, and the latest news from space in our newly updated planetarium! Each guest will receive an individual snack box featuring cheese, meats, pretzels, nuts and more from Canterbury Creations, up to three beers, and an entertaining evening under the stars. 

This evening, we will follow along with missions that have explored asteroids, and are about to launch. Learn about the Osiris Rex mission, which will be returning a sample from asteroid Bennu soon, the Lucy mission, which will fly by a trojan asteroid in November, and the Psyche mission, which is scheduled to launch to a metal asteroid in October! Your evening will also include a tour of the night sky, and a flight to the edge of space and back.

Doors open at 6:45 PM
The program will be in two parts, allowing time to socialize and get more refreshments between shows.

 $45 Members | $55 Others

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Ages 21+

Additional questions? Contact Renae Kerrigan at or 309.863.3030.

All supplies provided for programs unless otherwise noted. All paid programs require a minimum number of participants to run or will be canceled two business days prior to the start date. Pre-registration required.