The Killing

POSTPONED | Marc Eliot’s Art of Film: Stanley Kubrick


TBD, 6 pm

Career criminal Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) recruits a sharpshooter (Timothy Carey), a crooked police officer (Ted de Corsia), a bartender (Joe Sawyer) and a betting teller named George (Elisha Cook Jr.), among others, for one last job before he goes straight and marries his fiancee, Fay (Coleen Gray). But when George tells his restless wife, Sherry (Marie Windsor), about the scheme to steal millions from the racetrack where he works, she hatches a plot of her own. Kubrick's film was heavily influenced by John Huston’s 1950 “The Asphalt Jungle,” the reason he cast Hayden, who starred in that film as on of the leads in “The Killing.” Dismissed as a “B” film in its initial run, it is now regarded by the American Film Institute and others as one of the best post-Noir films ever to come out of Hollywood, and the last film Kubrick shot there. 1956. B&W. 1h 25min.

Internationally known bestselling Hollywood author, film critic and historian Marc Eliot returns to Peoria Riverfront Museum to continue his fascinating insights on the Art of Film. For this program, he will examine, in detail, the masterworks of Stanley Kubrick. Get your all-access passes to all four films or individual film tickets now before they are sold out!


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TBD, 6 pm | "The Killing"

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