Dome Space Out Wb2

Space Out! | The Biggest Telescope Ever Sent to Space


Date: Dec 11

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Dome Space Out Wb2

Space Out! | The Biggest Telescope Ever Sent to Space

December 11 | 6 PM

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NASA is launching a new space telescope this December 18! The James Webb Space Telescope will have a mirror with a diameter three times larger than the amazing Hubble Space Telescope, and will see even farther across space and time, while delivering beautiful pictures and science. In this event learn from a NASA content expert, see how the telescope was designed, built and tested, and learn all you need to know to enjoy following the launch and mission of the James Webb.

Wendy Freedman

Dr. Wendy Freedman serves as the John and Marion Sullivan University Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. An observational cosmologist, Dr. Freedman will inform us on how the Webb will enable great discoveries in a virtual lecture.