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Planet Passport Series - Ceres and the Asteroid Belt

Join our planet passport series! Each month, come to the planetarium for a show focused on one planet or place in space. Participants will receive a planet passport, and for each show they attend, will earn a sticker for that destination. Collect three stickers and earn a prize! Those with five stickers will pick a second prize, and be invited to a planet party in the Dome! Those with eight stickers and more will earn more prizes, be invited to the planet party, and be invited to an exclusive telescope viewing of the planets and Moon. Bring your passport to each show to collect a complete set!

Shows will be on the first Saturday (10:30 AM) and second Thursday (6 PM) of each month. This program is available for all ages.

February focuses on the asteroid belt, and its largest bodies, Ceres, Vesta and more. We will fly to the asteroids that have been mapped, talk about how the asteroid belt was discovered, and more.

Each show will be about 45 minutes in length.

Buy one passport per participant, and you can come to any show in the series. If you miss the a month or two, don't worry! We will repeat the series next year, so you will have more chances to collect more planet stickers.

One passport includes: a seat in any of our 10 different planet passport shows, a prize when you collect 3, 5, 8 and 10 stickers, and the ability to earn admission to the planet party and observing night with 5 or 8 stickers earned. Passports are $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

Sign up for your passport here.

February 4 (10:30 AM) and February 9  (6 PM) - Ceres and the Asteroid Belt