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Laser Light Night | Gaga, Bowie, Floyd - Postponed


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Laser Light Night: Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon - Postponed

Note - these shows will be rescheduled when our equipment is fixed.

Fri, Aug 13
6 pm | Laser Gaga
7:15 pm | Laser Bowie 

8:30 pm | Laser Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon 

Sit back, relax, look up and rock out! Listen to some of your favorite music from The Beatles - while being dazzled with the multicolored laser light show on the Dome. Enhance your experience - pick up spectrum glasses and refreshments from our concession stand and enjoy the show! 35-50 min. (Note: These shows contain lyrics to popular songs and some may not be suitable for all ages.)

$5 Members | $8 Public
*Multi-show discount available: $2 off for 2 shows & $3 off for three shows per patron.

(For combo price tickets call 309.686.7000 or visit the ticket desk in person)

Buy tickets online now - click here .
Tickets & more info also available at the Museum or by phone: 309.686.7000.

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