Team Orangutan

TEAM ORANGUTAN: Madelyn Lowry & Ty Schroeder!

Team Orangutan consists of Junior Madelyn Lowry, of Washington Community High and Sophomore Ty Schroeder of Bloomington High. Starting on the top, on the bandana they incorporated the Malaysian national flower, the hibiscus. The lines on the bandana are in a scattered pattern to show the orangutan’s personality. They did a yellow top for the yellow in the print. They picked the bead colors based on the print. The type of beads are for playfulness of the orangutan. Team Orangutan kept them loose so they could flow like the trees in the orangutan’s habitat.

Orangutan  Mary

Madelyn Lowry, Junior, of Washington Community High

Orangutan  Ty

Ty Schroeder, Sophomore, Bloomington High


Ram 1

Ram 2