NOTE: Planetarium will be closed Oct 19-20 for servicing.

Tuesday - Thursday

  • 11:30 am – Earth, Moon & Sun
  •  1:00 pm – Incoming! (NEW)
  •  2:00 pm – The Sky Tonight (live)
  •  3:00 pm – Tour the Universe (live)

Friday - Saturday

  •  11:30 am – Earth, Moon & Sun
  •   1:00 pm – Incoming! (NEW)
  •   2:00 pm – The Sky Tonight (live)
  •   3:00 pm – Tour the Universe (live)
  •   4:00 pm – Eclipse: The Sun Revealed


  •  1:00 pm – Incoming! (NEW)
  •  2:00 pm – The Sky Tonight (live)
  •  3:00 pm – Tour the Universe (live) or From Earth to the Universe
  •  4:00 pm – Eclipse: The Sun Revealed


Earth, Moon & Sun

Family-fun show about myths, science, moon landings, and more! (recorded show, 30 min)


Explore the past, present, and future of our Solar System, and the landmark discoveries scientists have made by sending spacecraft to visit tiny worlds. (recorded show, 30 min)

Eclipse: The Sun Revealed

Get ready for the solar eclipses coming October 14 this year and April 8 next year.  (recorded show, 30 min)

The Sky Tonight  (live)

Hop through constellations, learn cool star names, and discover where the moon and planets will be in the sky tonight in this live presentation. (live show, 30 min)

Tour the Universe (live)

We'll turn the planetarium into a pretend spaceship and try to take you wherever you'd like to go... (live show, 30 min)

This program is presented by Sun Collectors with additional support from the Visionary Society and the Planetarium and Science Club.