Provenance Project

Provenance Research Project

Following guidelines set forth by the American Association of Museums in April 2001, Peoria Riverfront Museum initiated the European Provenance Research Project in 2009 to identify provenance information on the 60 European paintings, prints and drawings in Peoria Riverfront Museum's collection that may have been purchased, sold, or created during the World War II era.


From the time the Nazis came into power in 1933 through the end of World War II in 1945, they conducted a massive confiscation of art and cultural property throughout Europe. In the post-war years, many works were returned to their rightful owners or heirs, but others had already entered new collections by way of the international art market. 

Along with museums around the world, Peoria Riverfront Museum is researching the ownership history for this portion of its permanent collection. In addition, the museum has strengthened its efforts to confirm and clarify this history of ownership for all works entering the collection, whether by donation or purchase.

The museum is also identifying works in its European decorative arts collection that may be subject to the same provenance guidelines. 

All information on the fine and decorative arts included in the ongoing Provenance Research Project is provided to the Nazi-Era Provenance Internet Portal Project maintained by the American Association of Museum at