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Journalism under Fire | Presented by PAWAC


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Gst Pawac Journalism Wb

Journalism under Fire

Presented by Peoria Area World Affairs Council

Sun, Feb 24 | 2 PM

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This event features two short documentaries and a panel discussion of the risks faced by the journalists who bring us the news from the hottest spots in the world. The first documentary, “Journalists on the Frontline,” explores the number of journalists who have died covering the most dangerous places in the world. The second, “Fixers,” looks at the people behind those life-threatening news stories – the cameraman, the producer, the driver, and the fixer, “the local person on the ground who secures that critical interview, gets access to the all-important location, who reads between the lines when the situation is rife with local complexity.”


The panel will feature Peoria Public Radio's Kristin McHugh, former PAWAC executive director, a journalist who covered several global locations while working for the Stanley Foundation and Jenni Monet, a Native American journalist who faced true personal danger covering the Dakota Access Pipeline. They will be accompanied by Chris Kaergard, Peoria Journal Star associate editor, who will add his own insights and moderate the discussion.