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FREE SEMINAR! Cybersecurity Protection for Seniors: Operation Boomerang


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Pearl Tech Cyber Pres Wb

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Monday, March 25, 2024 | 2 p.m. | in the Giant Screen Theater

The Peoria Riverfront Museum and Pearl Technology are proud to present a seminar aimed at seniors and/or the adult children who look after their senior parents. 

 This seminar will last about an hour and will talk about how people over 60 years old are the most targeted demographic for scams. The lecture will go through some of these scams and show examples (investment, romance, fake grandchild asking for help, charitable donation solicitation, banking information, etc.) It will also talk about what safeguards seniors should take to stay safe online and on their phones. The material will be presented in easy-to-understand terminology and will include Q&A at the end. 

This is being offered as a public service and will be free of charge.