Picture Person

Picture Person has changed from its original format, and no longer uses physical kits. Today, we still encourage every person to be a picture person, studying and teaching art to young people.

The Picture Person Program of the Peoria Riverfront Museum was established in 1972 at the former Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences with a goal to help bring works of fine art into the lives of school children across Central Illinois. Over the decades, hundreds of volunteers entered classrooms to give demonstrations using printed posters of famous works of art, often the only exposure school children had to the world of fine art.

Thankfully, with present day the use of web technology, teachers, parents and caregivers of all kinds can now have great access to images of not only the greatest works of art but hundreds of thousands of works of art in museum and private collections around the world.

We are working to update the program with online resources related to art education. Be looking for educational materials in keeping with the spirit of Picture Person in the future!

The mission of the museum remains the same: to inspire people with art, science, history and achievement.