School Loan

Since 1972, the School Loan Program has offered kits of educational material on subjects from Archaeology to Zoology. These kits are intended to foster curiosity and understanding among all ages by providing tangible materials such as specimens, replicas, models and devices for demonstrations. Every kit includes printed background information. For more info or to reserve a kit or email 

Click here to download a brochure on the School Loan Program.

Click here to view the School Loan Catalog.


Who can participate in School Loan?

All educators are invited to use the School Loan Center. This includes home-schoolers, school teachers, scout group leaders, Picture Persons, and educators at senior care facilities, park districts, libraries, or community centers, etc.

What kits are available through the School Loan Program?

Please refer to the School Loan Catalog, available as a downloadable PDF here .

How do I borrow a School Loan kit?

To borrow School Loan kits, contact the School Loan Manager at Functioning like a library, School Loan users can check out two kits at a time for a two-week period. Kit pick-up and return take place on Fridays. Please allow 48 hours for processing your request.

Is there a fee for using the School Loan Center?

No, School Loan kits can be borrowed free of charge.

Where can I pick-up and return School Loan kits?

School Loan kits can be picked up from the School Loan Center at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. Park in the museum’s parking garage (entrance off of Water Street between Main St. and Liberty St.) Enter the museum from the parking garage. Enter the Programs Office on the right and the first door on the left is the School Loan room. You will see your kit waiting for you either under the counter. If you don’t see it, walk into the Program Offices and ask for Holly or another staff member to help you. You may also continue up the stairs at the end of the main hallway and ask for help at the front desk. If you are returning a kit, place the kit under the counter.